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"Cariel definitely has a magical touch. She has helped me overcome a long time smoking habit that I previously thought was incurable. Her relaxing atmosphere, knowledge, skills, and soothing techniques have been very effective. She has even helped me realize that traumatic events in my earlier life should be forgiven and released. Thank you very much!"  ~ Patti B. - Oceanside, CA




"I had extreme depression after the loss of my father. After two sessions with Cariel my anxiety and pain was gone. Do yourself a tremendous favor and treat yourself to a session with Cariel. The results have been phenomenal!" -Dawn, San Diego


Thank you to Cariel Quinley for the Love and Light she dispenses through Heartlink Institute and her impressive radio show. Her service of awakening the collective at this important choice-point in evolution is invaluable. Her show is an oasis of sanity in a crazy world.
~Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno, President, Gateway University


Cariel, you are really a breath of fresh air.  I love your radio shows, and I like your voice on air - it has a satiny sheen quality! Above all, the shows bring light and information to the planet. ~ Elizabeth Barton

"Since I went through your session I have been sleeping much better and my husband noticed that I'm not so mad all the time!  I feel such a difference too. Thank you so much for all that you do. I am looking forward to our next session!!!  Thank you so very much." ~ Druanna

"I had been experiencing being 'stuck' in my life and ambitions and was carrying 'baggage' from a failed relationship. In just a couple of sessions with Cariel, I was able to move my life forward, get a terrific job and feel so much better about everything!  It was like a magical wand had been waved over me. Thank you, Cariel..." ~ Dr. Louise

"Cariel is an inspiration. Through her guidance and teachings, I have learned to live in the flow, creating a life that is absolutely magical."  ~Diana, San Diego, CA

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